My Perspective on Limited AFS Licences

I provided my thoughts to AccountantsDaily on the limited licensing provisions that the Federal Government introduced as part of the FOFA review.

Imagine being an accountant and having to be licensed simply to recommend to a client that managing their own super fund would be beneficial? And then having to be RG 146 compliant just to tell them to open a bank account and ensure that they are adequately insured (life and general). That one sentence covers THREE financial products which an accountant has to qualified for to be able to say!!


Thomson Reuters AML/CTF Article

Ariel & Associates was approached for comment by Swati Pandey of Thomson Reuters in regard to an article she wrote in regard to recent investigation of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia ("CBA") concerning its AML/CTF practices.

Jeremy Danon, Principal of Ariel & Associates, provided his thoughts on how CBA's problems were highlighted on the bank's failure to address the identity of those who made cash deposits via its Intelligent Deposit Machines.

The syndicated article can be sourced by clicking here.

The story has been picked up by the Times of India  the Straits Times, the Daily Mail, amongst others.